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Collecto Stamp Albums and Pages

Collecto Albums & PagesCollecto Albums (11" x 12-1/2") are designed for high-capacity storage.

These albums are so sturdy that you can fill them up to full capacity and the album will hold steady.  You will be on your way to getting all your special items organized.  Our Collecto system with 4 ring mechanism, allows you the greatest flexibility when your collection has a little of everything.  You can put stamps, coins, pins, beer coasters, wine labels, matchbooks ALL IN ONE ALBUM.  But also very large capacity for stamps and booklets with our heavy duty, black double-sided stock pages shown below.

  • The Blue "Standard" (No. 480) and our padded Black "Premium" Collecto Albums (No. 481) have a large capacity (11 x 12-1/2"x3" spine) with 4 rings
  • Our Marbelized Red "Deluxe" Collecto Album (No. 5100) is fully padded and is decorated with gold line and would look good on any bookshelf (11 x 12 x 1-7/8" spine) with 4 rings.

A great combination of price and efficiency with a wide selection of pages for all types of collections. Specifications, capacities and sizes are listed at the bottom of the page.  Unless otherwise noted, our Collecto pages are made of high quality, crystal clear, archival polyester.

Collecto Stamp Albums and Pages

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The patented clamping mechanism in the No. 480 and No. 481 albums, is located on the inside of the front cover.  The clamp snaps to the ring mechanism after closing to keep the album steady even after filling up to maximum capacity. 

  • Huge Capacity -- approx. 70 black or clear, 100 blank pages or 6 pages for pins.  No. 5100 capacity:  35 black or clear pages, 50 blank pages, or 3 pages for pins
  • First class quality
  • Great price/efficiency ratio
  • Heavy duty, 4-ring mechanism
  • Holds European DIN A4 size pages, as well as 8-1/2" x 11"
  • Wide selection of pages
  • Black double-sided with crystal clear pockets on both sides of the page
  • Transparent, crystal clear pages with pockets on one side
  • Fit Clipfix pages - a budget priced stock page alternative with pH-neutral cardboard.

Size of 4-hole / 4-ring pages: 9-1/4" x 11-3/4" H
Size of Collecto 4-ring albums No. 480, 481:  11" x 12-1/2" H with 3" spine
Size of Collecto 4-ring album No. 5100: 11" x 12-1/2" H with 1-7/8" spine
Dimensions between rings: 3-5/32"