Country Albums-Dual Plus

Only Available for Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland

SAFE Dual Plus

LIMITED EDITION– Display both MINT & USED stamps on one and the same illustrated page by use of a double (twin) pocket.  The system consists of an illustrated cardboard page (acid free), topped by a transparent stock page with double (twin) pockets. It’s simple:

1) Insert the mint stamp in the top pocket with the picture to the front.
2) Insert the used stamp in the bottom pocket with the picture to the back.

Dual PlusThe grey-black colored vinyl optically separates the stamp in the front from the stamp in the back, creating a dark contrast background for both stamps. Yet, you will still clearly see the illustration underneath the vinyl stock page.

If you already collect in our SAFE-dual system there is no problem continuing in the new dual-plus system. Both styles carry the same page number with identical layout. Under no circumstances will the new dual-plus system replace the present dual system. The new dual-plus system will always be a limited specialty album.


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