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Country Albums-Dual Plus

SAFE Dual Plus

Only Available for Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland

LIMITED EDITION Country Albums Dual Plus to collect Both Mint and Used on the Same Page

Display both MINT & USED stamps on one and the same illustrated page by use of a double (twin) pocket.  The system consists of an illustrated cardboard page (acid free), topped by a transparent stock page with double (twin) pockets. It's simple:

1) Insert the mint stamp in the top pocket with the picture to the front.
2) Insert the used stamp in the bottom pocket with the picture to the back.

The grey-black colored vinyl optically separates the stamp in the front from the stamp in the back, creating a dark contrast background for both stamps. Yet, you will still clearly see the illustration underneath the vinyl stock page.

If you already collect in our SAFE-dual system there is no problem continuing in the new dual-plus system. Both styles carry the same page number with identical layout. Under no circumstances will the new dual-plus system replace the present dual system. The new dual-plus system will always be a limited specialty album.

Country Albums-Dual Plus

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See the advantages:

  • The printed page · made of a heavy cream cardboard (60# cover weight) background page, acid free (ph-neutral).
  • The plastic page · is made of 100% free of plasticizers (chemical softening agents) and free of stearates (= vinyl = foil) . It will not affect the paper, color or gum of the stamps at any time. Does not contain plasticized PVC.
  • Easy inserting and removal of both mint and used stamps.
  • Crystal clear heavy vinyl fully protects and secures stamps all around.
  • Secure hold of stamps in the vinyl pocket is guaranteed by a clamping seam.
  • No stress inside the pockets while lifting or turning the pages, because of the supporting heavy, yet flexible, vinyl backplate.
  • Stability in form and size of the pages, even under extreme weather conditions.
  • No adhesives are used in or on any pages. All seams are welded, not glued.
  • Additional mint stamps (color varieties, etc.) may be added in the vinyl pockets where space permits.
  • Even pressure on all album pages due to the unique construction of the pages.
  • Capacity: 50 pages per binder. Size: 10-5/8" x 11-3/4"H.


3137-1 France 1978-1985 (dual Plus) 145.20
3137-2 France 1986-1993 (dual Plus) 155.10
3137-3 France 1994-2001 (dual Plus) 198.00
3137-4 France 2002-2004 (dual Plus) 138.60
3137-5 France 2005-2007 (dual Plus) 145.20
3137-6 France 2008 (dual Plus) 59.40
3013-1 W Germany 1949-1959 (plus) 60.35
3013-2 W Germany 1960-1969 (plus) 100.05
3213-1A W Germany 1970-1974 (plus) 93.15
3213-1B W Germany 1975-1979 (plus) 96.60
3213-2 W Germany 1980-1985 (plus) 80.50
3213-3 W Germany 1986-1990 (plus) 70.00
3214-1 Germany 1990-1995 (dual Plus) 130.65
3214-2 Germany 1996-2001(dual Plus) 191.40
3214-3 Germany 2002-2005 (dual Plus) 77.00
3214-4 Germany 2006-2008 (dual Plus) 92.40
3014-1 West Berlin 1948-1959 50.40
3014-2 West Berlin 1960-1976 (plus) 119.00
3414 West Berlin 1977-1990 (plus) 127.30
3246-1 Austria 1975-1985 (plus) 134.00
3246-2 Austria 1986-1996 (dual Plus) 171.60
3246-3 Austria 1997-2001 (dual Plus) 120.00
3246-4 Austria 2002-2007 (dual Plus) 115.50
3246-5 Austria 2008 (dual Plus) 29.70
3366-2 Switzerland 1980-1996 (dual Plus) 134.00
3366-3 Switzerland 1997-2007 (dual Plus) 138.60
3366-4 Switzerland 2008 (dual Plus) 15.00
3424 Sweden 1980-1992 (dual Plus) 145.20