Sliding Track For Collecto Slipcases 489 / 489-2 / 484

Easiest way to remove an album from a shelf

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When removing an album from the shelf, do not pull it out by its headcap.  Either push the two neighboring albums aside in order to grab the spine in the middle, or stretch a finger along the top edge of the book and rock it back in order to grab the spine.  Or, use a Sliding Track.  The album will effortlessly slide out of the slipcase on the track using just two fingers.  

Sliding Track is made of heavy-weight, shockproof plastic and is suitable for all SAFE slipcases. Simply place the sliding track in the bottom of the slipcase, lip up first and then insert the album.  For removal of the album, pull out sliding track a few inches and remove the album.  The slipcase remains on the shelf.

No. 839

For slipcases for Collecto 4-ring Albums

Collecto 484 Black  —  Collecto 489 Blue  —  Collecto 489-2 Wine Red

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