Sliding Track For 11 Ring Coin Albums

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Sliding Track For 11-ring Binders
1 × Sliding Track For 11-ring Binders

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Sliding Tracks are made of shockproof plastic and suitable for all SAFE slipcases.  Now a binder can easily and safely removed without removing the slipcase/dustcase from the bookshelf.  Simply put the sliding track in the bottom of the slipcase, lip up first and then insert the binder.  For removal of the binder, pull out sliding track a few inches and remove the binder.  The slipcase remains on the shelf.

No. 852 For slipcases for CLASSIC 14-ring binders.

No. 854 For slipcases for VARIANT 11-ring binders.

No. 853 For slipcases for 4-ring COMPACT binders

No. 839 For slipcases for 4-ring COLLECTO binders

No. 842 For slipcases for 4-ring MAXI and GIANT binders

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