Coin Case “Premium” For 15 Euro Sets In Capsules

For 15 Complete Euro Sets in Capsules

Item #5793
System: NOVA
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Coin Display Box "Premium" Burlwood
1 × Coin Display Box "Premium" Burlwood
Nova Tray Insert for 5 Euro Sets In Capsules
3 × Nova Tray Insert for 5 Euro Sets In Capsules

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“Premium” Wooden Case for 15 Euro Sets in Capsules

– High quality, high gloss case in burlwood optic
– The inside lid is fitted with padding in blue satin
– Ornate brass colored snap lock closure
– Handcrafted, valuable and precise made
– Case is supplied with 3 removable royal blue velvet trays
– Patented pull out handle to remove trays

Size of case: 10-1/4 x 8-1/2x 1-7/8″H

No. 5792 Coin Case for 40 coins each with 3 trays (No. 6339SP) for 15 complete Euro sets in Capsules.

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