Dual Blank Page 16 Pocket Per 5 for US Coil Pairs

16 Pockets: For US Coil Pairs of 2

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The two pages you will receive (both pages are 14-hole punched):  

One (1) crystal clear, rigid polyester page with pockets on one side, that allows you to see both sides of your stamp.  Seams are welded not glued.  Stamps are easily inserted and removed, yet remain secure with an absolute tight clamping effect.

One (1) pH neutral, 60 lb. Crisp Cream blank background page with black border (#7804) that can be customized with drawings, handwritten notes, or placed in a printer.

Sixteen (16) Clear Pockets for US Coil Pairs of 2 or US Commemoratives.

Size of Background Page:  10-5/8"  x 11-3/4". Sixteen (16) thick Black Borders for US Coil Pairs or US Commemoratives printed on Background Page.  

Album Capacity:  50 Dual Pages.  Five (5) pages per package. Fit all&nbsp”>Classi14-ring c Albums.

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