Compact Navy Blue Value Package for Currency

Blue album comes with 20 heavyweight pages for currency.

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Compact Page - 3 Pocket per 10 for Modern Currency
1 × Compact Page - 3 Pocket per 10 for Modern Currency
Compact Value Album - Navy Blue
1 × Compact Value Album - Navy Blue

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Our little giant (9 x 9″) has a large 3″ wide spine allowing it hold up to 100 pages.  The Compact is a versatile album with outstanding performance, holding a huge amount of pages, but will stay lay completely flat when open and yet still fits neatly on your bookshelf!

This Navy Blue album (No. 7890) has a strong 4-ring clamping mechanism located on the inside of the front cover, holding together the cover and the ring mechanism after closing, just like a book. or covers, postcards & currency.  Perhaps add a matching, handmade slipcase.  Then select your pages to perfectly customize your album! (See more details below the pages.)  This album has received the best customer reviews consistently for over 25 years

Compact Standard Navy Blue album supplied with 10 pages No. 7853 for Modern Currency and tan polyester inserts.  7853 page has 3 pockets (6-3/4″ x 3″ each).  Transparent pages let you see both sides of the item or use tan pocket inserts to place items back to back.  Slipcase sold separately below.

Capacity:  80 pages x 7853

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