Black Garant Stock Page Per 5-5 Strip Page

BLACK – 5 Pocket, Double Sided-Great for Duck Stamps

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The heaviest grade, archival, crystal clear, rigid polyester stock pages available on the market.

Completely archival, 100% free of plasticizers, professional grade rigid polyester pages. They fit perfectly into all&nbsClassic 14-ring Albumsg>Crystal clear strips/pockets are welded onto a rigid support polyester, thereby creating a clamping effect at the bottom seam, which holds the items securely in place. No paper, cardboard, or glue is used in the entire manufacture of these pages. All pockets are closed on three sides.

Black Garant Pages are 14-hole double-sided polyester pages with crystal clear strips/pockets on both sides.  

Five (5) double sided pages per package

Fits all Classic 14-ring Albums

Size of each strip/pocket: 10" x 2-1/4" H (Great for US Duck Stamps)

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