Album For Cd’s And Dvd’s W/ 10 Pages #496

Comes with 10 pages

Item #486
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Collecto Value Ringbinder - Navy Blue
1 × Collecto Value Ringbinder - Navy Blue
Collecto Page Per 10 For Cd's And Dvd's
1 × Collecto Page Per 10 For Cd's And Dvd's

The ideal album for storing your favorite CD’s or DVD’s.  The clear foil pages are crystal clear on both sides with two pockets along with labels to hold two CD’s or DVD’s

The blue binder has a patented 4-ring mechanism that holds together the cover and the rings after closing, just like a book. Therefore, the binder will hold steady after filling up to maximum capacity.

Supplied with 10 heavy, tough pages (album with CD pages includes labels).

Size of binder: 11 x 12-1/2″H with 3″ spine
Distance between rings: 80 mm (3-5/32″)
Size of pages: 9-7/16 x 12″H
Capacity: approx. 20 pages for 40 CD’s

No. 486 CD Album with 10 pages No. 496 $ 39.95
No. 489 Slipcase to Match

Additional Pages – No. 496 with 2 pockets for CD’s

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