Classic 3 pocket Currency Page per 5

3 pocket Currency Pages for large currency

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Transparent 3 Pocket Page Per 5
1 × Transparent 3 Pocket Page Per 5

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These 14-ring stock pages are made entirely of archival, professional grade polyester and are 100% free of plasticized PVC.  The crystal clear pockets are welded (not glued), thereby insuring your collection is fully protected on both front and back sides.  Pages are closed on 3 sides and open at the top.

These graded currency pages are made for all of our 14-ring binders.

The 7353 page is made for US and other large currency  Each of the 3 pockets is 9-7/8″ wide by 3-3/4″ high.

5 pages per package and INCLUDES tan plastic interleaving for each page.

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