Poker Chips and Casino Chips

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People who collect casino chips (called "chippers") do so for a few different reasons. Some people like the artwork on the chips. Although most people don't look at poker chips as works of art, they have a heavy focus on aesthetics, specifically color combinations and proprietary artwork designs. Other collectors appreciate casino chips as historical artifacts since gambling has a long history that goes back quite far in almost every culture. Other collectors specialize in collecting gambling-specific paraphernalia. Casinos, especially the older ones, have always had interesting stories behind them, given the mob money that was attached to some of them, and the regulatory and moral environments they had to operate under.

The hobby of collecting chips, as well as the chip-collecting community, grew a lot in the 1990s when the internet allowed collectors to connect with each other and find information about their chips. Before the internet, there was not a lot of easily-attainable information about older casino chips.