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Poker Chips and Casino Chips

Casino Chip CollectingCasino and Poker Chip Display Cases for Old Casino Chips, Vegas Chips & Old Poker Chips

People who collect casino chips (called "chippers") do so for a few different reasons. Some people like the artwork on the chips. Although most people don't look at poker chips as works of art, they have a heavy focus on aesthetics, specifically color combinations and proprietary artwork designs. Other collectors appreciate casino chips as historical artifacts since gambling has a long history that goes back quite far in almost every culture. Other collectors specialize in collecting gambling-specific paraphernalia. Casinos, especially the older ones, have always had interesting stories behind them, given the mob money that was attached to some of them, and the regulatory and moral environments they had to operate under.

The hobby of collecting chips, as well as the chip-collecting community, grew a lot in the 1990s when the internet allowed collectors to connect with each other and find information about their chips. Before the internet, there was not a lot of easily-attainable information about older casino chips.

Poker Chips and Casino Chips

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You enjoy collecting old casino chips, poker chips casino tokens and old vegas chips but don't you wish you could organize and display them better while they are protected and secured.  They also need to be presented in a manner that makes you proud to exhibit them.  For over 60 years, SAFE Casino Chip Collecting Supplies has provided the chip collector a wide variety of display cases, albums, and holders to protect your gaming tokens. Beautiful, archival poker chip supplies are available for high value tokens and chips guaranteeing your chips do not lose their value due to the environment.

Many of the chips may have been "collected" accidently by people who forgot to cash them in, or kept held onto them privately by slipping them into their pocket as a personal memento, without thinking that they would later be contributing to preserving history.

Casino chips are a particularly interesting item to collect because, like other currencies, casino chips have intrinsic value in addition to collector value. Ironically, even though the intrinsic value of those old chips disappeared after they were cancelled, their non-intrinsic value (i.e. their value as a collectable) ended up surpassing their intrinsic value.

Like all collectables, the condition of the chip is a major factor in determining its worth. A chip that is cracked, nicked, faded, warped, stained or damaged in any way is worth much less than a chip in mint condition. Although new chips are ideal, most chips will have some damage, like worn edges, due to being used.

The official standard size for poker chips is 39mm in diameter which are the chips found in most casinos.

Although there is no true official standard, the vast majority of low-end chips (most of which are produced in China) are now 40mm in diameter. Not sure why they made them a different size, but they did and so now that seems to be the unofficial standard for low-end chips.