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Albums and sleeves for your vintage newspaper collection

Newspaper CollectionCollecting old newspapers can be an enjoyable family hobby. Many collectors loan their old newspapers to their sons and daughters, for remarkably effective "show and tell" school projects. The reports in the old newspapers make the history of our nation come to life with often stunning immediacy, adding the human dimension so often lacking in history texts. To read, for example, of the horror and grief that swept the nation when Abraham Lincoln was murdered is virtually to be there, experiencing the unfolding drama just as it occurred. An interesting perspective on our own time can be obtained by understanding how people perceived their own times, too. It is an essential part of human nature to view the past as somehow radically different than the present, either so much better, or so much worse, than the moment of history that we are experiencing personally. When you read a few old papers you realize that these men and women were no different than you and I, in their wants, their dreams, their hopes, and their sorrows.


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A most collectible newspaper is one which reports a major event, for example, a Presidential assassination, in the city where it occurred, and on the same date it happened; or, if such a paper does not exist, the first newspaper to contain a report of the event. The power of such reporting is extraordinary, and the greatest appeal of the hobby. The news reports remain as dramatic as the day they first appeared; perhaps even more so, for the modern collector has the benefit of seeing how that event affected the future. Similarly a newspaper with a lengthy, detailed account or a striking graphic representation of an important news story on the front page will be far more valuable than one with a short account on the inside pages. The most attractive Page One layouts are considered the most suitable for framed display, which is a popular use of collectible newspapers today. Unfortunately it was the practice of many old time editors to fill their front pages with advertising or fiction until the Civil War era, making the earliest front page reports even more uncommon and valuable today.