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Miniature Display Case

Acrylic Display Cases for wall hanging are ideal for rooms where floor space is scarce.  These miniature display cases are the best way to showcase and display collectible miniatures, figurines, crystals figures, and any miniature treasures.

SAFE offers a wide selection and sizes of wall mounted display cabinets. These display cases are constructed from heavy duty acrylic glass, by our expert craftsmen in Germany.  Every piece is guaranteed to be gallery quality and are pre-drilled so they can easily be hung up on your wall!

Miniature Display Case

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SAFE offers the best acrylic display cases for your miniatures.  For any additional questions not shown regarding the industry's best Miniature Display Case, please email or call us today!

Miniature collecting can be a lifelong hobby where you can enjoy not only the quest, but also have fun displaying your miniature collection for others to see.

Miniatures are simply scaled-down version of the real thing. Hobbyists collect all types of miniatures that reflect their personality and interests. Whether you’re interested in transportation, figurines, or timepieces, you’re bound to find miniature collectibles for sale.

Other miniature collecting hobbyists focus on the commerce side of miniatures. These collectors share not only an interest in their collection, but also have fun buying and selling miniatures with hopes of turning a profit. Whether you’re interested only in miniatures for your own collection or would like to try your hand at buying and selling, miniature collecting is a very personal and fulfilling hobby.

Archeologists in Egypt have discovered wooden miniatures of all kinds of everyday objects that date back over 5,000 years. It’s difficult to catalog the exact history of miniature collecting since there are so many different types of miniatures and ways the miniatures were used.

While people have collected miniatures for thousands of years, most early miniatures served a utilitarian purpose. Armies used miniature models for battlefield and wartime strategies. Architects and designers used miniature models to help visualize and refine designs for structures and furniture. Regardless of the purpose or type, it’s safe to say that people have been interested in miniature collecting for as long as miniatures have been around.  And now you can protect your miniatures for future generations in our Miniature Display Cases.