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How to organize my stamp collection

How to Organize and Care for Your Stamp Collection

An important and fun challenge for every stamp collector is the protection and display of your collection.  Most stamp collectors not only accumulate stamps, but also enjoy arranging them in an attractive, organized way for easy viewing.  By doing this, you’ll not only have a collection to be proud of, but you’ll also be protecting your stamps from damage.

You can organize your stamps any way you want.  Many collectors organize by country (U.S., Spain), by region of the world (Europe, Asia), or topic (animals, space).  Just remember, this is your little corner of the world – you’re in control.  Please yourself!
Choosing a Stamp Album
A frequently asked collecting question is, “How do I choose a stamp album?”  To help you make this important decision we’ve put together the chart below.  (If you’re a beginner, you may want to simply use blank paper and a three-ring binder.)  Most collectors of U.S. stamps start with and continue to use an illustrated album.  It makes collecting easier once you have more stamps.  If you’re a collector of worldwide stamps, you may find it beneficial to use an unillustrated album because there are no worldwide albums that illustrate all stamps issued.  Another benefit of an unillustrated album is that it lets you arrange your stamps in the way most pleasing to you.  For a topical collection, a looseleaf binder with blank pages or a stockbook is a good choice.  Mystic Quick-Mount pages have a grid pattern that helps you place your stamps easily.
Should I Use Hinges or Mounts?
Once you’ve chosen an album, you’ll need either hinges or mounts to hold your stamps in place.  Pre-folded stamp hinges are transparent, gummed pieces of paper, one end of which is attached to the stamp and the other end to the album page.   These are fine for used stamps, but if you are a collector of mint stamps, you may want to use special mounts.  Mounts provide a black or clear background and a clear face to show off your collection to its best advantage.   They protect your stamps from being touched directly and from damage to the gum due to hinging.  Since mounts are somewhat expensive, you may want to use them only on stamps that cost $5 or more each.