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February 1, 2014, How can I get self adhesive stamps off an envelope?

How can I get a self adhesive stamp off an envelope?

Every now and again I get a phone call asking if I know if there is any good way to remove a self-adhesive stamps from envelopes. Do you have any special stamp accessories that can help? Ironically we don't … but your hardware store does!

While the self-adhesive stamps have been a boon for the post office, and users of stamps, gummed stamps were always so much simpler for collectors. Just soak them in water and they fell off the paper. But if you want to place a self adhesive stamp in a stamp album or a stamp stockbook, how can you get it off the envelope?!

After countless home remedies that people have tried, can you believe the answer is WD-40?! Yet another problem solved by WD-40 and it only takes 20 seconds. This is how it works – but don't come complaining if it didn't work for you 🙂

1. With envelope in hand, cut the paper around the stamp leaving enough exposed to hold on to the edge of the stamp with stamp tongs.

2. Hold your stamp with the tongs, with the back of the stamp (blank paper facing you) so you can see the center of the stamp. (Use a light if necessary to assist)

3. Spray some WD-40 with spray nozzle on the center of the back of the stamp and within a few seconds the paper will look translucent. For thicker postcards allow the WD-40 a few more seconds to penetrate the thicker paper stock.

4. The stamp should now peel off very easily with your stamp tongs. If it doesn't wait just a little longer. Then try again. It doesn't fall off like the old days, it must be peeled with the stamp tongs.

5. Place your stamp face down into your stamp drying book or stamp drying press. Take a brush and sprinkle and brush a little baby powder on the adhesive. And let it dry!