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Gifts for Stamp Collectors

We have a remarkable assortment of items for your favorite Stamp Collector this holiday season.
Please take a look at some of them below or go directly to our entire assortment of stamp collecting supplies. With so many to choose from, you may want to simply give our Collecting Specialists a call at 877-395-SAFE and they will be happy to help you narrow it down!

Magnifier Gift Set

Magnifier 4x Gift Set – Die cast metal 4x Magnifier with LED Lighting supplied with tweezer and roll up ruler supplied in a padded protective case with zipper.  Regular $ 47.95  Leather Stockbook

Leather Stockbook – Leather bound “Luxus” stockbook with 32 black pages Regular $ 49.95

Shortwave UV Lamp

Ultraviolet Lamp-Shortwave – Portable shortwave UV lamp to check tagging on stamps – Regularly $ 62.95


And if you really can’t decide, why not give your stamp collector a SAFE $50 Gift Certificate!