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Gifts for Coin Collectors

We have a remarkable assortment of items for your favorite Coin Collector this holiday season.  Please take a look at some of them below or see our entire assortment of coin collecting supplies.  With so many to choose from, you may want to simply give our Collecting Specialists a call at 877-395-SAFE and they will be happy to help you narrow it down!


High Capacity Scale to 1000 grams or 2.2 lbs (shown at top right) Accurate to 1/10 gram.  Measures in 7 weighing modes Grams, Ounces, Carats, PennyWeight, Troy Ounces, Tael and Grains   Regular $49.95 –

Electronic Coin Caliper 

Electronic Coin Caliper for measuring diameter of coins and other medals in inches and mm. Regularly $49.95


3D Floating Frame

Floating 3Dimensional Frame – made of silicon to fit coins and medals of any size

Regular $19.95

Premium Coin Album

Premium Album for Multiple Sizes of Coins – comes with 4 pages of various sizes and you can see both sides of the coin.  Great way to combine coins & currency also  Regular $ 36.95

And if you really can’t decide, why not give your coin collector a SAFE $50 Gift Certificate!