Labels, Decals & Stickers

It’s so easy to personalize your albums and select the right album at a glance.

Self-adhesive, gold embossed labels, pressure sensitive labels and stickers available: country labels, blank gold foil labels, individual gold transfer letters, rub-off numbers, gold numbers from 1 to 50, gold letters from A to Z, self-sticking gold numerals, indicator decals with arrows, circles, and points, and vibrant country flag labels, and Custom labels.  Label Size:  1-1/2 x 1″H

High quality, pressure sensitive foil with gold embossing labels: country titles, volume numbers, symbols, and philatelic nomenclature. Easy identification of albums, volumes, stockbooks, slipcases, etc.   There are over 250 different labels available. Labels can be used on all albums on the market, regardless of style or material used. Also easily removed, if necessary.

Please Note: All preprinted labels #1150-1 are available only with spelling as shown below. Names of countries, varieties and symbols between parentheses are only translations. Custom labels are now also available.  Labels available are listed at bottom of this page.


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