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Glass Top Coin Display Cases

NBC TV's Parenthood - Season 2, Episode 4

The world's finest Coin Display Cases from Germany - as seen on NBC

All of our coin cases are handmade in Germany by woodworkers who excel at their craft.  No matter which one you select, you will be proud to keep your collection safe in these cases.  Our glass display cases were recently shown on NBC's Parenthood show, and you will be confident you are purchasing a quality showpiece to display your collection.  

Intercept Technology Bonus

At SAFE Collecting Supplies, we’re your one-stop shop for all cases, supplies, and resources. No matter your needs, from cases for a single coin, a set of coins, or other rare and valuable coins in your collection, you’ll find the sturdy products that keep your collection safe. 

BONUS LIMITED TIME OFFER - When you purchase a SAFE Coin Case* - you will receive FREE a pack of 3 strips of Intercept Technology providing advanced tarnish protection for your coins.  Read more about Intercept Technology here.

We also have specific Coin Cases for  Coins in 2x2's  and also Certified Coins in Slabs

Glass Top Coin Display Cases

Set Descending Direction


12 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction


12 Item(s)

Ornate Brass ClosureA beautiful combination of wood and glass with a royal blue velvet covered insert.  Handmade frame with splined miter joints to insure a high quality, strong wood housing for your collection.  Its the attention to details that make the difference:

  • Handmade solid wood with smoothly sanded edges in mahogany finish
  • Fully opening wood frame with hinged glass lidAn example of a splined joing
  • Brass colored metal fittings for hanging on the wall
  • Ornate brass colored snap lock closure
  • Royal blue velvet covered insertSuitable for Hanging on Wall
  • Outside Dimensions: 15 x 10-1/4 x 1-1/8"H
  • Inside Dimensions: 14-1/8" x 9-7/8" (Glass Visible 13" x 8")

Wide Variety of Sizes Available:

An entire wall of Glass Display CasesNo. 5878 Display Case with 8 compartments for 8 certified coins in slabs (PCGS, NGC, etc.)

No. 5865 Display Case with 60 round compartments, 29.5 mm diameter (1-1/8") each, for SBA , Sacagawea, Presidential Dollars or Champagne Caps, will hold up to 23.5 mm capsules, etc.

No. 5867 Display Case with 24 round compartments, 38.5 mm diameter (1-1/2") each, for Dollars, or 10-Euro coins in capsules, will hold up to 33 mm capsules, etc.

No. 5868 Display Case with 40 round compartments, 26 mm diameter (1") each, for Quarters, or 2-Euro coins, will hold up to 20 mm capsules, etc.

No. 5869 Display Case with 35 round compartments, 33 mm diameter (1-5/16") each, for Half Dollars, $50 Gold Eagles, 10-Euro coins, etc. OR for SBA , Sacagawea, Presidential Dollars in capsules,will hold up to 27 mm capsules.

No. 5902 Display Case with 70 square compartments, 25 x 25 mm (1") each, for Quarters.

No. 5903 Display Case with 40 square compartments, 30 x 30 mm (1-3/16") each, for Quarters in capsules, etc.

No. 5904 Display Case with 28 square compartments, 40 x 40 mm (1-19/32") each, for 1-1/2 x 1-1/2, Casino chips, etc.

No. 5905 Display Case with 15 square compartments, 55 x 55 mm (2-1/8") each, for 2"x2" Holders, Medals, etc.

No. 5905 Display Case with 15 square compartments, 50 x 50 mm (2") each, for 2"x2" Holders.

No. 5888 Display Case with 80 round compartments, for 10 complete Euro sets of 8

No. 5887 Display Case with 13 round compartments, 26mm diameter (1") each, for 2 Euro coins, with the "roman contracts" label

No. 5866 Display Case with 1 flat compartment and removable blue velvet covered insert for pins, documents, etc.

*FREE Pack of Intercept Shield Anti-Tarnish Strips is supplied with non-Intercept Coin Cases over $19