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March 17, 2015, Coin Cases for the most discerning Numismatists…

March 17, 2015,  Coin Cases for the most discerning Numismatists…

Happy St Patrick's Day to all my Irish and non-Irish collectors!  When non-collectors think of a numismatist (coin and currency collector), they think about antique coins, old currency, and perhaps shiny gold coins they have seen on TV. However, there’s much more to the science of Coin Collecting than ever before. 

Now, companies like SAFE, market more than just coins to numismatists—we offer a wide variety of technology and coin cases, as well as many preservation solutions for collections of all values and sizes.
Let’s focus on specialty storage—these days, numismatists have more choices than ever when it comes to protecting, presenting and organizing their collections.
There are many reasons for using specialized coin storage. The first is organization – it’s much easier to quantify and determine the value of a collection that’s been well organized.  We have the right coin cases at SAFE Collecting Supplies to correctly and attractively divide and label an entire collection.
Gold and Silver are not as durable as the metals used to make modern-day coinage. For this reason, it’s important to protect your coins. Even improperly cleaning a gold coin will significantly reduce the value of the item.  Tarnishing or metallic oxidization occurs in coins as well, especially older silver ones.  Using air-tight storage will greatly reduce tarnishing.
That being said let me review some of the storage solutions we have for numismatists visiting SAFE Collecting Supplies.
Glass / Acrylic Display Cases
These display cases are great for those who want to put their coins on display and wow their friends, family, neighbors and visitors. However, they may not be for everyone, as they make your collection quite visible. If you’re afraid of thievery or are extremely concerned about protecting your investment, you may want to invest in a coin case that is more inconspicuous.
These cases do make great solutions for people who regularly show their collections off. Numismatists that love to show off their collection, but don’t want to lose organization, labeling or efficiency will greatly benefit from investing in a glass or acrylic-topped display case. They organize the collection, protect it, and make it easy for others to observe and enjoy.
Coin “Flips”
Coin “Flips” from SAFE are flat containers for coins that are bound together by a non-corrosive adhesive, In the past these types of 2×2 Flips have used staples that over time will deteriorate and leach towards the coin.  Flips from SAFE Collecting Supplies are guaranteed to be safe for your coins, and easy to use, requiring no staples or anything else that will put your coin at risk.
These cases are light and foldable. They are perfect for people who want to be able to effectively remove a coin from their album or coin case, without risk of exposing the collectible. Coin “Flip”
Albums & Cases are easy to use, effectively protect coins and also leave the coin open for observation.
Stackable Drawers
Stackable Drawers are just what they sound like – a stand-alone storage case that resembles a drawer, but is designed with a closed top so it can be stacked with other drawers of the same kind. These products are extremely durable and inconspicuous—a perfect choice for numismatists looking to efficiently protect their collection while avoiding putting their coins on display regularly.
3-D Floating Frames
The idea behind 3-D floating frames is that they safely display the coin, removing it from the danger of the oils that exist naturally on human hands, while still making the coin viewable from all angles. Once a collectible has been inserted into one of our Floating Flexi 3-D Frames, it will look as if it is suspended in mid-air. We sell these frames in many different sizes, sure to accommodate not only numismatists but also many other types of collectors.  
Custom Chests of Drawers & Wooden Cabinets
At SAFE Collecting Supplies, we proudly offer customizable cases for coins, medals and other collectibles. These custom cases come in both hardwood and leatherette varieties, with many options to choose from.
Our wooden display cases and cabinets are all high-quality with durable and gorgeous veneers. The cabinets are lockable and solid wood. If that wasn’t enough, they also come with 16 different sizes of drawers to choose from.
Our customizable chests of drawers also come with personalized drawers as well as velvet and wood colors of your choice. This elegant storage option includes silver fittings and hinges, and the top level is fitted with velvet and a larger compartment for any tools and coin supplies you may want to include. This top drawer could also be used for larger collectibles – the choice is yours as a collector at SAFE Collecting Supplies!