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August 17, 2015, Accessories to Bring Your Rock & Mineral Collection to Life

August 17, 2015, Accessories to Bring Your Rock & Mineral Collection to Life

There’s so much that can be done for a fossil, rock and/or mineral collection in the lines of presentation to create a collection that becomes a special experience for others, as well as the collector. Rock and mineral collecting is one of those things that runs the gamete, from hobby to profession to being someone’s life’s work. Why let something so potentially flexible and amazing be boring and plain?

You don’t have to be a paleontologist to collect fossils and you don’t have to be a gemologist or geologist to enjoy collecting rocks and minerals. Whether you’re an everyday rock-hound, a lapidary obsessed with polishing and faceting your gems and minerals or the proud owner of a museum-quality collection, there are always steps you can take to bring your collection to the next level; to bring it to life. 

Have some intricate details? Get a magnifier. You should have a magnifier on-hand, especially if you’re collecting fossils or if you’re a lapidary trying to show off your latest polishing or faceting work. The finer details will jump out under a quality magnifier or loupe.

Black light goes a long way. If you’re collecting fluorescent rocks and minerals, it should go without saying that you need an Ultraviolet (UV) light to bring out the true quality of these pieces. We have UV lights of all shapes and sizes, check them out.

Afraid of your guests damaging your collection? Get some 3D Floating Frames. Our floating frames are quite durable and will give your viewers a great three-dimensional view they won’t forget. You can rest easy that your stuff is OK and your guests will love your collection. 

Add some maps and details to show where you found your collection. You can print out maps from the internet or go to the store and find one. Then you adorn it with some markers to show exactly where each piece in your collection is from. It’s good to keep track of the information and, if one day you are showing your collection to someone and they want to go on a journey to try and find some rocks, minerals, fossils or whatever on their own, you’ve given them that opportunity, and also reinforced yourself as the collecting expert. Collecting isn’t all about hoarding valuables, it should also be an educational, informative and entertaining experience for everyone, including yourself. 

Have a lot of rocks and minerals?  Consider purchasing some of our Rock & Mineral Display Cases.  We have plenty to choose from, so you’re not worrying about damaging them. Last but not least:

Have fun with it. Check out the collecting supplies we have to offer. Have fun with your collection. Pick out the right accessories for you and build the collection you’ve been dreaming about—make your wishes reality with SAFE Collecting Supplies. Stumped? Need a suggestion? Call us at 877.395.SAFE (7233) in the US and Canada and internationally at 215.674.8150.