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3 Ring Pages vs Multi Ring Pages

3-ring vs 14-ring pagesPeople are constantly replacing their 3 ring pages.  Whether it’s for coins, stamps, postcards or currency, collectors find themselves replacing 3 ring pages that have ripped.

The holes simply tear over time.  Sometimes the pages last 5 years, sometimes they last only 6 months.  And collectors wonder why this is happening?  Because 3-ring binders were never designed for plastic pages and the collectibles they contain.  3-ring binders originated for 3-ring notebook paper, which of course rips too.  But at least paper is less expensive.

It is simple physics.  As the pages are turned in the binder, or as they are stored upright on a shelf, the weight of the items that is in the pockets of the pages, is pulling down on the page through gravity.  Since there are only 3 holes in the page connecting it to the binder, the weight is divided evenly by 3.  So the wear and tear on those 3 holes is tremendous.  Contrast that to our 14-ring, 11-ring, or even our budget minded 4-ring binder collecting systems, and quickly you can do the math to see how the pressure is reduced on the holes of each page in a SAFE ring binder.

Additionally SAFE manufactures a heavier duty (thicker) page than most, which again allows for more wear and tear on the pages themselves.  In the near future, we will be posting videos on our YouTube channel so you can see how easy these systems work.  But in the meantime, before you invest even more money in replacement 3-ring pages, consider upgrading to a multi-ring binder from SAFE.  You won’t be sorry.