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Champagne Tops, Caps and Lids

Champagne Cap DisplayAlbums and Display Cases for Champagne Caps, Champagne Tops and Lids Collection

People who collect champagne caps are known as ‘placomusophiles’ –  which literally just translates as ‘cap collector’. Even though champagne caps have been around since 1844, the term ‘placomusophile’ was only coined in the 1980’s by a man named Claude Mailliard.

It’s difficult to know exactly how many different champagne caps exist, but it is believed to be upwards of 30,000. Producers have cottoned on to the idea of collections, and many are now paying more attention to the caps they use. Some use different colours for different cuvées and different years.

Champagne Tops, Caps and Lids

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You enjoy collecting champage caps, tops and lids but don't you wish you could organize and display them better while they are protected and secured.  They also need to be presented in a manner that makes you proud to exhibit them. 

SAFE Champagne Caps Collecting Supplies provides the placomusophile a wide variety of display cases, stackable drawers and albums your new and vintage champagne tops and lids collection.

All material that comes in contact with your champagne bottle caps is guaranteed archival quality, museum grade and chemically inert.  This insures that your caps are not damaged due to the environment.  Don't trust your collection in anything that doesn't have the SAFE logo on it.