Stamp Collecting Albums -USA Starter Set w/Binder and 2014-2015 pages

A great way to get a grandchild started!

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1 × Stamp Album-Hingeless Supplement -US Commemoratives Perf'd 2014
1 × Stamp Album-Hingeless Supplement -US Commemoratives Perf'd 2015
1 × Individual Country Title Page
1 × Album With Seal Of United States Of America

Stamp Collecting Albums – The perfect starter set that includes our Coat Of Arms “USA” Country Ringinbder No. 7066 which includes the impressive country seal.   Combined with a few years of our best selling SAFE -dual system USA Commemoratives (No. 2472) from 2014 through 2015.  Separately priced this package would total $159.95

Our Yokama ringbinders are machine made of smoothly finished, very elegant vinyl.  The covers are fully padded.  The gold colored seals are imprinted on the front cover and also on the spine.  Matching slipcase No. 784 is hand made of the same material as the binder and completes this set perfectly.

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