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Stamp Albums & Pages

Stamp Collecting Albums

SAFE Stamp Album Pages are well known as the best in the world!  Our customizable systems allow you to select the style and size of binder that you like, select the pages, and you've created the perfect customized solution to your collection.  These systems allow you to keep your stamps, sheets, covers and all different types of varieties in one album.  Your collection doesn't deserve anything less!

Stamp AlbumYou may already have stamp collecting albums.  But are you certain that your stamp album is guaranteed to protect your stamps for the long term?  SAFE produces the finest hingeless stamp albums in the world guaranteed to preserve your stamp collection!  Please take a look through our website and see the different options of stamp collecting albums that we have.  If you are unsure what to select, send us an email or CLICK HERE TO CALL US

And rather than a pre-printed solution, choose one of our other Stamp Album categories to see the variety of sizes of stamp albums with empty stock pages just waiting for you to fill them up!

Stamp StockbooksAnother cost effective option are our beautiful stamp stockbooks.  Bound stamp albums that have 9 strips on a page all ready for you to place your stamps inside.  Take a look at our stamp stock books shown here:

Stamp Albums & Pages

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SAFE makes a wide variety of Stamp Collecting Albums to fit all types of collection.  Your collection is cookie cutter, so why should your collecting be?  Take a look at the different size and styles of Stamp Albums that we have below and if you still are unsure, please feel free to send us an email or call us - we love to talk to collectors!

Classic 14-ring Albums  - Our Most Popular Size Album (12" x 12") that has:

Collecto 4 ring - Huge Capacity and Wide Variety of Stock Pages (11" x 12")
Variant 11 Ring - Great to Combine FDC's and Stamps in one Album (9" x 11")
Compact - Huge capacity and great for covers and postcards (9" x 9" w/3" spine)
Maxi Album - Great for Large Mint Sheets (16" x 15")
Specialty Album - Great for Coil Strips, Booklets and Mint Sheets (17" x 12")
Stamp Stockbooks - Convenient and Affordable

Stamp collecting may be a less popular hobby today than it was in the early 20th century, but today it is estimated that about 25 million people enjoy the hobby in the United States.  In 2013 the Wall Street Journal estimated the global number of stamp collectors was around 60 million. Tens of thousands of stamp dealers supply them with stamps along with stamp albums, catalogues and other publications. There are also thousands of stamp (philatelic) clubs and organizations that provide them with the history and other aspects of stamp collecting.

So you definitely have a choice in how to get your stamp albums and supplies.  So why not choose a company who has the same amount of passion for stamp collecting as you do.  Choose SAFE, you will be glad that you did!