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Classic Stamp Albums and Pages

Classic 14-ring albums (12"x12") are our most popular - available in your choice of colors and styles. These are the most versatile ringbinders with the greatest selection of pages.  The Classic is offered in genuine leather or smooth automobile vinyl, milled in Germany.  If you would like to see a comparison between the different styles, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.  These are the styles of pages that will fit into your Classic 14-ring albums (we also have pre-printed Hingeless Country Albums-where you can see both sides of your stamps):

SAFE Garant Stock Pages - THE heaviest grade, crystal clear, rigid foil stock pages avaiable on the market in transparent, white and black double sided pages

SAFE Country Hingeless Stamp Albums - The highest quality where you can see BOTH sides of the stamp

SAFE-dual Blank Pages - Customizable hingeless blank pages to match our printed stamp albums

SAFE Exhibiting Pages - Heavy (140lb), acid free, pH-neutral, bonded cardboard stock exhibit pages for an award winning exhibit

Classic Stamp Albums and Pages

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Our Classic 14-ring binders provide the widest range of options with the greatest variety of pages. Here are some of the advantages:

  • high quality, nickel plated ring mechanism
  • no tearing of album pages
  • pages lie completely flat
  • easy turning of the pages
  • removing and inserting pages is possible at any place of the album
  • Size of binders: 12" x 12-1/2"H with 2" spine
  • Distance between rings: 21 mm (53/64)
  • large capacity for a variety of pages

...these are only a few of the advantages offered by the 14-ring high quality nickel-plated mechanism. This especially developed ring system for our albums is used exclusively for our ringbinders, as well as, our slipcase binders.  All Classic 14-ring binders shown below fit all Classic 14-ring pages throughout our website.

Also, take a look at our patented sliding tracks for use with all slipcases shown below. They enable the binder to be removed from the slipcase without removing the slipcase from the shelf.

We also have gold labels and decals with preprinted countries, topics and years.

Classic "Morocco" 14-ring BindersMorocco 14-Ringbinders

Our "Morocco" ringbinders have a leather grained, pebble vinyl finish and are machine made. The covers are fully padded and the front cover is decorated with a gold line.  Matching, fully handmade slipcases of the same material and color of the ringbinders are available.

ColorBinderNo.Slipcase No
Bordeaux Red 704-1 712-1
Flag Red 704-2 712-2
Hunter Green 704-3 712-3
Dark Blue 704-4 712-4
Black 704-5 712-5

No. 702 Ringbinder, non-padded. Available in blue only. Without gold line.

Slipcase No. 705 - To match binder No. 702

No. 852 Sliding Track for 14-ring Slipcases

Classic "Yokama" 14-ring Binders

Yokama BindersOur "Yokama" ringbinders are machine made of smoothly finished, very elegant vinyl. The covers are fully padded; the front cover is decorated with a gold line. No. 778 has a leather grained vinyl finish and an elegant decorative embossed outline pattern on the front cover.

Matching slipcases of the same material and color of the ringbinders are available; fully handmade.

ColorBinder No.Slipcase No
Hunter Green 773 783
Navy Blue 774 784
Brown 775 785
Black 776 786
Bordeaux Red 777 787
Tan Simulated Leather 778 788

Binders with Country SealNo. 852 Sliding Track for Slipcases

Classic Country Seal 14-ring Binders

The beautiful navy blue "Yokama" ringbinder No. 774, imprinted with an impressive country seal. The gold colored seals are embossed on the front cover and also imprinted on the spine. The following imprinted binders are available:

CountryBinder No.CountryBinder No.CountryBinder No.
USA 7066 Europe 7073  Monaco  7059
Austria 7062 Faroyar 7072  Nederland  7060
Belgium 7050 France 7054  Norge  7061
Berlin 7069 Great Britain 7055  Osterreich  7062
Canada 7051 Gronland 7071  Schweiz  7064
DDR 7068 Israel 7074  Sverige  7063
Danmark 7052 Italia 7056  United Nations  7070
Deutschland 7053 Liechtenstein 7057  Citta del Vaticano  7067
Espana 7065 Luxembourg 7058    

No. 784 Matching Navy Blue Slipcase for Binders with Country Seals

No. 852 Sliding Track for Slipcases


Classic Handmade "Skai" 14-ring BindersSkai 14-Ringbinders

Our "Skai" ringbinders are fully handmade of smoothly finished, very elegant vinyl and are unsurpassed in quality. Truly an outstanding product! The covers are fully padded; the front cover is decorated with a gold line. Matching slipcases of the same material and color of the ringbinders are available; fully handmade.

ColorBinder No.Slipcase No.
Navy Blue 805 815
Hunter Green 806 816
Bordeux Red 807 817
Tobacco Brown 808 819
Sahara Beige 809 819






Classic Slipcase Binders400 Slipcase Binder 14 Ring

Our exquisite Slipcase Binders are fully handmade of smoothly finished, very elegant vinyl, richly padded and unsurpassed in quality. They combine binder and slipcase in one single dust-proof holder with key lock. Precious material like brass lock and corners, and a linen lined interior make these slipcase binders especially valuable. Truly an outstanding product! They are equipped with high quality, strong, nickel plated mechanism and two heavy duty sheet lifters. Your collection is now easily and safely transportable. Available in medium brown only.
Size: 13-1/4 x 13-7/8 x 2-1/8" high

Slipcase Binder No. 400 (14-ring)

Classic Leather Binders - The Ultimate!

These top of the line Executive Leather Binders, embossedLeather 14-Ringbinders with a distinctive gold geometric pattern are fully handmade and unsurpassed in quality.  The covers are fully padded.  Available in black,dark chocolate, brown and bordeaux red.  Equipped with a 14-ring high quality nickel-plated mechanism and two heavy duty sheet lifters.  Matching, fully handmade Leather Slipcases are also available.  Handmade, vinyl slipcases in the same color are also available.

ColorLeather BinderLeather SlipcaseVinyl Slipcase
Black 1503 1513 786
Chocolate Brown 1506 1516 785
Bordeaux Red 1508 1518 787


Capacity - The capacity for all Classic 14-ring binders is as follows:

  • Approx. 50 Safe-dual pages
  • Approx. 70 pages Nos. 680-682, 780-793
  • Approx. 70 Exhibit pages
  • Approx. 40 pages Nos. 750-754, 7352-7353
  • Approx. 35 "Garant" pages Nos. 721-728, 731-738, 821-833
  • Approx. 30 pages Nos 714-716,749