Michel German Reich in ENGLISH 1872-1945


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NEW from Michel – Michel German Reich in ENGLISH

Finally, English-speaking collectors can finally explore in detail these 73 exciting years of German history!  From the German Empire to the Weimar Republic through two world wars.

This Hardcover, First Edition is 112 pages and covers:  German stamps from 1872-1945 including: Kaiserreich (German Empire), the hyperinflationary period, the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich including official stamps and stamp booklets.

Michel No 425Many of the most famous and valuable German stamps come from the German Reich collection area and are among the most outstanding philatelic collections worldwide.  This volume serves anyone looking for this collection area including famous and some infamous (“Vinets-Provisorium”) stamps.  As with many older collection areas, an informed collector is a smart buyer so as not to make any overprice purchases or greatly understimate the value of a treasure in your own collection.

Michel No. 425 is a good example of how valuable technical literature can be.  The watermark of this main number shown at right, is the deciding factor whether a specimen in mint condition has a value of $2 (Watermark Y) or $7,000 (Watermark X).  And if you don’t already have one, take a look at our new Signoscope T3 watermark detector with LED and color lighting!Signoscope T3

The detailed information and price quotations typical of MICHEL catalogs have been checked and reflect the current research in accordance with the latest version of Michel Germany.

  •     Includes approximately 1,200 color images and 5,500 price quotations

Release Date:  April 16, 2021

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