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Compact Albums & Pages

Compact Albums & PagesOur little giant Compact 9 x 9" has a large 3" wide spine allowing it hold up to 100 pages.  The Compact is a versatile album with outstanding performace, holding a huge amount of pages, but will stay lay completely flat when open and yet still fits neatly on your bookshelf!

Just choose either the richly padded, tan simulated leather Luxus album (No. 7870) or the navy blue Standard album (No. 7890) which both have a strong 4-ring clamping mechanism located on the inside of the front cover, holding together the cover and the ring mechanism after closing, just like a book. or covers, postcards & currency.  Perhaps add a matching, handmade slipcase.  Then select your pages to perfectly customize your album! (See more details below the pages.)  This album has received the best customer reviews consistently for over 25 years.

Compact Albums & Pages

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Set Descending Direction


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Large spine (3"), 4-ring Compact albums for Postcards, Covers, Stamp Mini Sheets, Currency (Banknotes), Booklets, Matchbook Covers, etc.  A collecting system with enormous capacity - at an attractive price and doesn't take up a lot of space on your bookshelf.

Thanks to its huge capacity, the Compact Album series saves not only money but also space.
It couldn't be easier: Just slip Postcards, FDC's, ETB's, Currency/Paper Money, Booklets, Coil Pairs and Yearly Souvenir Cards & Folders into these polyester specialty pages.  We also now have compact albums for Coins!

Both the richly padded, saddle tan Luxus album and the blue Standard album have a strong 4-ring mechanism. The patented clamping mechanism, located on the inside of the front cover, clamps the cover to the spine to keep the album steady.  Therefore, the album will hold steady even after filling up to maximum capacity.

Size of the albums:  9" x 9-3/4"H with a 3" spine.
Distance between rings for 4-ring album: 40 mm - 80mm - 40 mm, (1-9/16) - (3-5/32") - (1-9/16)

Pages for the Compact system are approx. 7-1/2" x 9-1/2" high, and come in clear and black.

Clear pages are crystal clear on both sides, with pockets on one side only to view both sides of the postcards/covers/banknotes etc. without having to remove them from the pages. The polyester inserts supplied with the clear pages can be removed to view both sides of the covers, postcards, etc.

Black pages have crystal clear pockets on both sides so you can put items both sides and you won't see through to the other side.  This works great if you have items that are different sizes. 

Also, take a look at our sliding track (No. 853) for use with slipcases shown below. They enable the album to be removed from the slipcase without removing the slipcase from the shelf.

Compact Album Capacity (approx):

80 pages - No. 7853, 7869, 7873, 7874, 7875, 7877

80 pages - No. 7871, 7872

70 pages - No. 7876

50 pages - No. 7873SP, 7874SP, 7875SP, 7878, 7878SP

The Compact is the best album for a lot of FDC covers.  This huge, yet compact, album can hold up to 200 covers!

We also have a taller, larger album format "Collecto" Album System with the same 3" spine for huge capacity.