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SAFE Scratch and Dent Depot

SAFE's Scratch & Dent listings may include items that have been damaged in shipment or customer returns.  Most items are in brand new condition but have cosmetic damage only.  They are SAFE quality in every way, other than the slight damage described.

Each item listed contains a link to the original product's web page for specific information regarding the product.  These items are only available via phone ordering.  Please call us at 877-395-7233 to inquire about details or place an order:

6590SP  Designer Coin Chest (2 chests – one with slight mar on back of case, other case has broken lock mechanism.  Drawers must be purchased separately. Reg $299.95 – Depot $89.95

5866  Wood and Glass Display Case for Pins (latch is loose-case closes but does not stay latched)  Reg $59.95 – Depot $39.95

161  Aluminum Postcard Case (2 stackable cases without handles-one with dented edge in reinforcement aluminum, other case has a tough latch to open) Reg $59.95 – Depot $39.95

176  Aluminum Coin Case w/ World Coin Medallion and mixed set of trays.  (only minor scratches on lid of case) Reg $42.95 – Depot $29.95

176SP  Aluminum Coin Case your choice of any 6 Nova trays– (no World Coin Medallion and has minor scratches on the lid)  Reg $47.95 – Depot $34.95

1508  Bordeaux Red Leather Classic 14-ring binder (dent in spine of binder) does not include any pages Reg $249.95 – Depot $129.95


7912SP  Burlwood Custom Coin Case with Memory Foam (touch lock, small scuffs on corners-box damaged) Reg $69.95 – Depot $39.95

708-4  Variant Ringbinder in Blue (split in binding on spine of binder) Reg $29.95 – Depot $19.95