Michel Northern Europe 2019/2020

New Hardback Edition with over 1,150 pages

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Michel Northern Europe Stamp Catalog

This Hardcover Edition is 1,150 pages and covers the following areas:

Aland, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, Karelia, Latvia, Lithuania, Central Lithuania, Northingermanland, Norway and Sweden.

  • Includes approximately 12,000 color images and 62,500 price quotations.
  • Completely revised new edition, focus of this year’s edition: Sweden
  • Numerous increases for Denmark, Faroe Islands and for Estonian, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish stamps from the early years and the millennium years
  • Lots of additional information for Sweden collectors: Brand names of the early years are now subdivided, two new, unissued booklets added and new watermark differences added
  • Other editorial additions such as new edition numbers at Greenland
  • Hardcover with ribbon bookmark
  • Treasure trove of motifs for classic collectors
  • Handy format with a clear modern layout

Release Date:  24 October 2019

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