Michel Germany Specialized in English-Vol 2

First New Edition in over 7 years!

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Michel Germany Specialized Catalog in English – Volume 2

This new Hardback Edition covers and describes:

The German Occupation stamps from the Second World War and the stamps during the Allied Occupation of Germany:  Bohemia and Moravia, General-Government, Sudetenland, German Occupation Issues 1939/1945, Field Post Stamps, War and Propaganda Forgeries, German Local Issues from 1945, Allied Occupation (Joint Issues, Issues for Soviet, French, British, and American Zones).

Includes approximately 2,900 color images and 41,000 price quotations.

  • Hardcover with ribbon bookmark
  • Editorial revision of the entire contents
  • Handy format with a clear modern layout
  • New high-resolution color pictures
  • Price movements in all areas of the catalog

Release Date:  6 November 2015

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