Michel Classic Europe 1840-1900

First new Edition in over 10 years!

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Classic Europe 1840-1900

The stamps of the “classical period” from 1840 to about 1900.

First new edition in over 10 years!
Brands from all over Europe from 1840 to ca. 1900
The first British stamp was issued on 6 May 1840
When the end of the “classical” period is to be determined, it is more difficult to determine, many are from the First World War as a caesura
The classic stamps of Europe continue to form a royal discipline of philately with their well-known and expensive specimens
Reviews for different units such as pairs, stripes and block of four
References to reprints, special cancellations, special features of the stamp printing and more
More than 4,000 color pictures, some 90,000 quotations

Edition: 2nd edition, in color
Pages: 704
Format: 165 mm x 238 mm, hard cover
Date of issue: October 6, 2017

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