Gold LED Magnifier 3.5x

A beautiful, solid “gold” magnifier.

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Solid die cast metal 3.5x magnifier in gold with 8 LED bulbs.  Two levels of light – switchable from 4 bulbs to 8 bulbs.  Huge 2-1/8″ diameter lens for a full view.Underside of the 4652 Magnifier with 8 LED bulbs

  • 2-1/8″ dia. aspherical glass lens
  • Bright, white LED illumination, especially useful for coin inspection or persons with low vision
  • Virtually unlimited bulb life with LED’s
  • Included AA batteries last much longer (up to 50 hours) making the LED’s very economical
  • Supplied with neoprene protective case to prevent scratching, and cleaning silk
  • Size:  3″ head x 8-1/4″ long

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