Eschenbach Magnifier – Mobilux 7x LED

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Eschenbach Magnifier – Mobilux LED – 7x

The tried and tested illuminated hand-held magnifiers now feature an new design and improved functions

Customer benefits:

  • Ideal for reading small print both at home or when you’re on the move.
  • Easy to use – large, easy to operate light switch.
  • A choice of 2 different colors of light through use of the supplied filters.
  • The batteries are easy to change.
  • With handle eyelet on the end of the handle for round-the-neck cord.
  • Includes case with strap for attaching to belt.

Product features:

  • Batteries are easy ti change as the battery cover is easy to open and contact springs clearly indicate the battery position.
  • Improves comfort due to eyelet for round-the-neck cord.
  • Attachable filters enable you to choose the ideal color of light to suit your vision requirements from a choice of two colors.
  • The LED light does not require changing. The LED-light used by ESCHENBACH has a service life of approx. 50,000 hours.
  • The battery life is up to 10x longer in comparision to a conventional light.
  • The voltage is controlled via a step-up converter, which produces a brighter light and even illumination over a longer period of time in comparison to other LED illuminated pocket magnifiers which do not have a step-up converter.
  • Bright, even illumination provided by SMD LED and collimation optics.
  • Defined focusing distance: in the case of all aspheric magnifiers and reading magnifiers from ESCHENBACH the focusing distance (aE: distance from the eye to the virtual image) is precisely 400 mm. The image can therefore be seen clearly with readers which have an addition of +2.5 dpt.

mobilux LED models:
Item              Lens size              dpt       Magnification

E-15113       75 x 50 mm          10.0             3.5 x
E-15115         58 mm Ø            20.0             5 x
E-15117         35 mm Ø            28.0             7 x
E-151110       35 mm Ø            38.0            10 x
E-151112       35 mm Ø            50.0            12.5 x

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