Currency Albums-Deluxe Variant – Wine Red

Supplied with 10 pages

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Transparent Variant Page per 5 - 3 Pocket
2 × Transparent Variant Page per 5 - 3 Pocket
Variant Album - Bordeaux Red
1 × Variant Album - Bordeaux Red

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Variant Album Colors AvailableCurrency Albums-SAFE’s Deluxe Variant Album is crafted with a padded, supple wine red vinyl fabric that is milled in Germany for automobiles. The heavy-duty, nickel-plated 11-ring mechanism is easily opened with light pressure to add or remove pages. The Variant is supplied with sheet lifters and 10 crystal clear, archival banknote pages. The Variant is a convenient size to carry and also fits on your bookshelf. Your collection will be protected for generations to come.

SAFE’s archival, heavyweight currency pages are crystal clear allowing you to view both sides of your banknote without removing it from the page. Tan vinyl interleaves (separating pages) are also included. Unlike 3-ring binders, the 11-ring system prevents long term tearing of pages. The album is initially supplied with ten 3-pocket (No. 563) pages.  Additional two-pocket (No. 562) and single pocket (No. 561) pages are also available to customize your collection.

Size of binder: 9-1/8″ x 10-3/4″ high, capacity 40 pages
Size of pages: 8″ x 9-3/4″ high

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