Compact Coin Album for Euro Sets

Album with 4 pages for 20 Euro sets.

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Out of stock

Specialty album for Euro’s in Artline design in a non-padded, black binder The pages are a new development especially made for the EURO coins. Just insert 5 complete sets in each page. Album is supplied with 4 pages for a total of 20 complete sets from 1 Cent to the 2 Euro coin)The coins can be viewed from both sides and are held in place thru a patented design. Easy removal of coins. Every page is supplied with a blue cardboard interleaf and self-sticking country flags to mark the specific country on top of each set.  Also avaiable for additional protection is a cover to slide over the page.
Additional 7858 pages available here

Also available separately – matching black slipcase No. 7375

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