Coin Album for Morgan Dollars in Capsules – Black

Fits up to 80 Morgan Dollars (or Peace, Trade, etc)

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Collecto Value Ringbinder - Black
1 × Collecto Value Ringbinder - Black
Pages for Morgan and Peace Dollars in Capsules per 2
1 × Pages for Morgan and Peace Dollars in Capsules per 2

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Our latest development of a Coin Album with Pages that allow you to place your Morgan Dollars in Capsules into an album you can place on your shelf instead of a case.  This package includes our Collecto Value Binder in Black (No. 480) with a 3″ wide spine, as well as 2 durable, transparent album pages that holds coin capsules up to a 45 mm outside diameter.   Picture at right is inaccurate.  20 Morgan Dollars fit on a page so that up to 80 Morgans will fit in an album.

Page Setup for Morgan Dollars in CapsulesThis system allows for convenient viewing from both sides while completely protecting coins, easy-snap closing.  Pages are made from crystal clear PET and are 100% PVC-Free.  The pages are suitable for US Large Dollar capsules (Morgan, Trade, Peace, etc.) or Air-Tites Model H.

Size: 9 1/4 x 11 3/8″

Capsules and coins are not included.  If you still need some – add some here:

Pack of 5 Capsules for Morgan Dollars (6739) for $5.95
Pack of 25 Capsules for Morgan Dollars (6739XL) for $12.95

Capsule Pages shown with Coins

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