Bottle Cap Display Album – Compact

Supplied with 3 blue velvet pages for 90 Bottle Caps

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7864 Cap Page
3 × Compact Page (Blue) For Champagne Tops & Bottle Caps
Compact Value Album - Navy Blue
1 × Compact Value Album - Navy Blue

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Compact Bottle Cap Display Album for all your Bottle Caps (complete with 3 pages)

This heavy duty, 4-ring compact album is perfect for keeping your collection of bottle caps.  Each page (No. 7864) has 30 molded recessed pockets covered with royal blue velvet (red also available No. 7964) and is supplied with a heavy page sleeve.  Album supplied with 3 pages for 90 caps.

Size of album: 9″ x 9-3/4″H with 3″ spine (Capacity 8 pages)

Size of pages: 7-1/4″x9″H

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