Aluminum Collector Safe Small With Handle

Aluminum Collector Safe Small w/handle

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Aluminum Collector Safe

– Protects your collection from unauthorized access
– For storing ringbinders, stockbooks, coin drawer elements, files documents, etc.
– Made of aluminum with a black, shockproof exterior
– Supplied with a number lock
Overall sizes:
No. 200 (small case): 14″H x 9″W x 11-1/2 D
No. 204 (large case):  14-1/2″H x 11-1/4″W x 13-3/8″ D
Inside dimensions:
No. 200 (small case): 12-7/8″H x 8-3/4″W x 10-3/8″ D, for storing “NoVa” trays, etc.
No. 204 (large case): 13-3/4″H x 10-1/4″W x 12-3/4″D, for storing stockbooks, DIN A4 binders, etc.
No. 200 Small Case, empty, without handle

No. 204 Large Case, empty, without handle

No. 201 Small Case, with handle, empty
No. 204 Large Case, with handle, empty

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