Coin Holders & Coin Capsules

SAFE is the world’s numismatic leader in Coin Holders, Coin Capsules and 2×2 Flips

a wide variety of Coin Holder styles are available depending on how you would like to display your collection.  Not a “cookie-cutter” approach, SAFE allows you to customize your display around your collection rather than the other way around.  See our items below and feel free to email us or give us a call at the number above to discuss your options!  But please remember these very important tips recommended by the ANA:

  • Never Staple, Cut or Glue the Flip as this can damage your coin.
  • Avoid Flips containing soft PVC
  • For Grading Submission – Place raw coin in a Plastic Flip or Capsule

If you are unsure what to select, send us an email or CLICK HERE TO CALL US

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