Coin Case For Buffalo Nickels “Premium”

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Item #5783-NICK
System: NOVA
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1 × Coin Display Box "Premium" Burlwood
3 × Nova Tray Insert Only With 48 Compartments to 22.5mm (7/8")
1 × Intercept Shield Pack of 3 Strips

"Premium" Wood Coin Case for Buffalo Nickels and Jefferson Nickels

Sleek design and elegantly handcrafted of rich burlwood

  • High quality, high gloss case in burlwood optic
  • The inside lid is fitted with padding in blue satin
  • Brass colored snap lock closure
  • Felt covered bottom to prevent scratches on furniture
  • Case is supplied with 3 removable royal blue velvet trays

Size of case: 10-1/4 x 8-1/2 x 1-7/8"H

Supplied with 3 trays (No. 6322SP) for 144 Buffalo Nickels and Jefferson Nickels

*FREE Pack of Intercept Shield Anti-Tarnish Strips is supplied with non-Intercept Coin Cases over $19

Intercept Technology Bonus

BONUS LIMITED TIME OFFER – When you purchase a SAFE Coin Case* – you will receive FREE a pack of 5 strips of Intercept Technology providing advanced tarnish protection for your coins.  Read more about Intercept Technology here.

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