Diecast Car Display Case

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Diecast Car Display Cases

Show off your NASCAR in a beautiful Diecast Car Display Case

Diecast Car Display Case Diecast Car Display Cases from SAFE that look beautiful in your home while still protecting your car! .  Great cars need to be displayed and shown! Take them out of the closet and put them on display!

Diecast Car Display Cases

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Countertop Display Cases for Models, Diecast Cars, Sporting Memorabilia & Retail Items

model display cases Are you looking for model display cases for collectibles and specialty items? Our versatile model display cases, sometimes called memorabilia showcases, can hold one individual item, or many different items. While many of these fixtures are designed for countertop use, others can be easily mounted on walls to create museum-style exhibits. The majority of these economical model display cases feature acrylic construction instead of glass, thereby making them lighter and less of a hazard if broken. Wood bases, extruded aluminum frames, and linen or velvet decks allow the different styles to be matched to contents to create eye-catching, one-of-a-kind showcases. Lift-off tops allow easy access, while other styles allow the lids to be securely screwed to the base for protection and loss-prevention. Whether used to showcase mini figurines, diecast car collections, antique or collectible dolls, or high-value retail items, our selection of lightweight memorabilia holders includes a style for every need.

countertop display cases for collectiblesAvid sports fans that collect autographed items such as balls, helmets, or NASCAR scale cars, use these plastic cubes to store their valuable memorabilia. These model display cases can also be used to present a new piece of retail merchandise in an upscale retail store or boutique. For the collector with multiple items to exhibit there are roomy shadow box-style enclosures suitable for multiple items. Some of these model display cases include an acrylic riser to keep a ball or other round item in place. There are plastic fixtures here of many shapes and sizes in an effort to satisfy most showcasing needs. Use these model display cases to show off your latest creation of a model ship or car. Likewise, museums typically use this smaller type of 3-dimensional fixture to create an enticing focal point for educational purposes. Whether these wall mount and countertop collectible display cases are being used in a home or a large art gallery, they will complement the displayed item nicely without distracting the viewer.