Coin Case for Coin Flips 2″x2″-Nova Exquisite Drawer w/12 Compartments

2-1/8″-For Flips and Larger Coins

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System: NOVA
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1 × Nova Tray Insert Only With 12 Compartments to 55mm (2-1/8")
1 × Nova Exquisite Drawer Empty
1 × Intercept Shield Pack of 3 Strips

Nova Exquisite Drawers Stacked UpCoin Case for Coin Flips 2"x2" – The first and only stackable and interlocking wooden drawers (interlocking together to prevent sliding when stacked) made of solid wood offer more in every aspect.  Each drawer comes complete with wooden drawer (which pulls out to look at the coin), surrounding stackable base (which drawer slides out of), and a blue velvet insert according to your specification (which is where the coins are stored).

Nova Exquisite Drawer with 12 Compartments

For 2"x2" Holders, Flips, and Medals

Each compartment is 55 mm (2-1/8")

Size of Drawer: 8-1/8" x 10 x 1-1/8"H

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