Stackable Coin Storage Drawer for Presidential Dollars w/35 Compartments (1-3/32″)

SAFE Collecting Supplies has Nova Drawers for SBA & Presidential Dollars. 1x3x32 size with 35 compartments. Visit our website today!

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System: NOVA
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1 × Nova Acrylic Coin Storage Drawer - EMPTY
1 × Nova Tray Insert Only With 35 Compartments to 27.5mm (1-3/32")
1 × Intercept Shield Pack of 3 Strips

Nova drawers stacked upon one another Coin Storage Drawers for Presidential Dollars- Nova Stackable Acrylic Drawer with 35 Compartments

A contemporary, lightweight compact drawer.  Supplied with crystal clear acrylic protective cover allowing you to easily stack these drawers on top of each other as you build your collection.

For Susan B Anthony, Sacaguwea, and Presidential Dollars

Each compartment is 27.5 mm (1-3/32")

Tray Size: 7-11/16" x 9-7/8"

Tray Depth: 3/8"

Great for:  $1 Presidential, SBA and Sacagawea Dollars, ½ oz Gold American Eagle $25, ½ oz Platinum American Eagle, Draped Bust and Liberty Cap Quarters 1796-1828, US$10 Coronet and Indian Head (1838-1933), 1/2 oz Gold Britannia, 1 Cent Canada (1876-1920), 50(Fifty) Cent Piece 1968-present Canada, 1/4 Silver Maple Leaf Canada, 1/2 oz Panda Gold China, £1 Sovereign, 1/2 oz Panda Sterling China , ½ oz Panda Gold China, 2 DM Germany, 20 Peso Gold Mexico, 1/2 oz Krugerrand Gold South Africa, 10 Ruble Modern Bi-Metallic

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