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Recent Press Releases

Doylestown, PA -- 06/28/2018 --Just recently, Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, was commemorated for her pioneering journey with the newest installment of Forever stamps. Her legacy has continued on well after her passing, and now those who collect stamps, just as Sally Ride did, can purchase the perfect hingeless stamp albums to keep this timeless keepsake safe and protected for years to come from to SAFE Collecting Supplies.

Dating back to 1953, SAFE Collecting Supplies has provided customers with top-of-the-line stamp collecting supplies and countless other accessories. With the release of the new Sally Ride stamp, which features the astronaut in her light blue space suit in front of a striking depiction of a space shuttle lift off; leading philatelists are being encouraged to use the most advanced albums to protect this valuable item.

The SAFE-dual hingeless stamp albums which are available for purchase from SAFE Collecting Supplies, come with various features that allow collectors to keep their valuables safe and organized. With a printed background that is pH-neutral and foil pages that are free of plasticizers and chemical softening agent, the integrity, color, and paper of stamps can be upheld properly. Having such an intelligent design, these albums allow for collectors to easily place and remove stamps while having peace of mind, collectors can see both sides of the stamps while insuring that the stamps will not be damaged as pages are lifted and turned. Also, seams in the hingeless stamp albums are welded, rather than glued, for ultimate protection.

Philatelists who recently have come across the Sally Ride Forever stamp and need the perfect accessories to keep it in pristine condition should contact SAFE Collecting Supplies today. Please also visit their website,, for more information.


Doylestown, PA -- 05/18/2018 -- Philatelists across the globe take note, SAFE Collecting Supplies is set to release its annual stamp supplements for 2017 this June. For active spring and summer collectors looking to complete their country stamp albums and protect their collections for years to come, album supplements from SAFE Collecting Supplies offer the highest quality of protection the industry has to offer.

Since 1953, SAFE Collecting Supplies has been offering some of the world's finest stamp collection supplies and accessories for leading philatelists in North America, Europe, and the rest of the world. With the release of the 2017 Annual Stamp Supplements, SAFE Collecting Supplies continues to provide serious stamp collectors with the most advanced and functional albums to protect their valuables for years to come.

Hingeless stamp albums from SAFE Collecting Supplies come with an extensive list of features to help collectors keep their stamps organized and safe. The printed background page is pH-neutral (acid-free) while the foil page is free of chemical softening agents, or plasticizers, and stearates, which can affect the gum, color, and paper of stamps.

These albums are cleverly designed for incredibly easy placement and removal of stamps and will not stress the collection while lifting or turning the pages to minimize the potential for damage. The seams of all the pages are also welded, not glues to provide maximum protection for mint stamps.

Collectors looking to complete their 2017 collections this summer should mark their calendars now and check this June for the release of the annual stamp supplements.


Doylestown, PA -- 04/17/2018 -- SAFE Collecting Supplies will soon be attending the Central States Numismatic Society's 79th Anniversary Convention. The event is set to take place outside of Chicago in Schaumburg, IL, and will bring together collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts of coins, paper currencies, and medals from all across the country.

The four-day event begins Wednesday, April 25, 2018, with doors opening at noon for Early Bird ticket holders and 3:00 p.m. for general admission. It will feature two separate Signature Sales of rare numismatic collectibles conducted by Heritage Auctions out of Dallas. There will also be a bourse area filled with the industry's top dealers, exhibits, seminars, and other exciting booths for collectors and aficionados.

SAFE Collecting Supplies will feature a booth at the event for the first time in several years. They will be showcasing a selection of coin collecting supplies such as loupes, microscopes, magnifiers, and scales - perfect for numismatists to make the most of their discipline. Any enthusiasts attending the convention would be wise to explore the tools on display from SAFE Collecting Supplies.

SAFE Collecting Supplies has long been an industry leader in producing currency albums and examining equipment and display cases for philatelic and numismatic collectors across the globe. For over 65 years, the company has been earning a reputation for the high-quality products it creates. It is a market leader in collecting supplies and accessories and is proud to showcase a sample of its products at the Central States Numismatic Society's 79th Anniversary Convention.

For more information on the quality products produced by SAFE Collecting Supplies, visit them online today at or call them today at 877-395-7233.


Doylestown, PA -- 03/14/2018 -- SAFE Collecting Supplies will be in attendance once again at this year's Mineral, Fossil, Gem & Jewelry Show in Edison, New Jersey. The company has been manufacturing elegant collection display cases of the highest quality for over 60 years and will again host a booth to showcase their exceptional assortment of rock collection boxes for mineral, gem, and jewelry collectors alike.

The 2018 Mineral, Fossil, Gem & Jewelry Show will be a five-day event, April 4-8 at the New Jersey Expo Center at 97 Sunfield Avenue in Edison, NJ. The show is open Wednesday through Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Tickets are free for children under four, and $10 for children ages four to eleven. On the weekend, tickets are $15 for everyone twelve and older, while tickets are only $10 for everyone over four during the week.

Admission to the event will grant guests access to all of the exhibits, demonstrations, and activities, as well as mineral and fossil club freebies and other giveaways. There will be an expected 400 vendor tables filled with tons of exciting things to explore, as well as exciting entertainment for the kids.

For ancient ocean lovers, this year's Trilobite Treasures exhibit features specimens of the extinct group of marine arthropods that ruled the sea for over 270 million years. This collection is the most comprehensive exhibition of these creatures to travel the United States.

From the Smithsonian Institute, the 2018 Special Exhibit will be Titanoboa: Monster Snake. This massive ancient reptile stretched nearly 50 feet and existed atop the food chain in the time after the dinosaurs became extinct. Experience the lifelike replica of this monster snake up close when it visits this April.

For those visiting the mineral, gem, and jewelry displays, check out rock display cases ahead of time from SAFE Collecting Supplies to ensure all newly purchased items get the care and display they deserve. Visit their website today or call them toll-free at 877-395-7233 to discuss display case options.


Doylestown, PA -- 1/4/2018 --

Over the last several decades, SAFE® Collecting Supplies has earned the reputation as one of the world’s leading providers of philatelic and numismatic supplies. As a leading supplier of coin collecting supplies, SAFE® always strives to innovate and maintain the quality it’s known for around the globe. On January 12, 13, and 14, the company will attend the 46th annual New York International Numismatic Convention (NYINC), and they’re inviting all coin collectors around the area to join them.

A short car, train, or subway ride away, the NYINC will be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, located on 109 East 42nd Street in New York, NY—accessible between Park and Lexington Avenues. Commuters to the convention may even access the Hotel by its direct indoor connection through Grand Central Station.

As one of the grandest and most prestigious numismatic gatherings catering to modern and ancient coin collectors alike, the New York International Coin Show is an event that cannot be overlooked. Visitors will behold a wide variety of coins, spanning multiple eras and civilizations. In view of such rare and unique collections, collectors of U.S. coins may be inspired to invest in their own supplies of foreign coinage.

Coin collectors can inquire for more information about the 46th Annual NYINC or SAFE®’s own coin cases and coin supplies by dialing 877-395-7233.


Doylestown, PA -- 11/02/2017 -- The leading global manufacturer of coin cases and coin supplies, SAFE® Collecting Supplies, turns its eyes to the U.S. Mint's second annual numismatic forum of 2017. Held between October 16-17, 2017, the forum was hosted at the U.S. Mint's headquarters in Washington D.C., gathering a panel of speakers under the theme of "Numismatics: The Road Ahead." Much like the 2016 meeting, the forum gave coin industry representatives and stakeholders a platform for inspiring and fostering dialogue.

David J. Ryder, nominated by President Trump to be the 39th director of the U.S. Mint, gave a statement on October 24, following the forum discussions. Though not a collector in his own right, Ryder expressed that he had himself assembled a collection of coins and banknotes during his decades of international travel. Ryder intends to draw on his years serving at the Honeywell Corporation, focusing on anti-counterfeiting technology.

During the 2017 forum, a number of proposals from 2016 were reviewed. The numismatic specialists at SAFE® Collecting Supplies were especially excited to hear about the bulk-packaging of a 2017-W American Silver Eagle. Because of the popularity of the coin, Mint officials stated that over $2.6 million worth of coins had been sold since their release in 2017.

Over its decades of operation, SAFE® Collecting Supplies has proudly served numismatic communities across the world, supplying the highest quality coin holders, and albums for coins, paper money, stamps, and postcards. In the wake of the U.S. Mint's second annual numismatic forum, they're ready for a new year of collectible coins in 2018.

Collectors and numismatic enthusiasts can inquire into the supplies and services of SAFE® Collecting Supplies by contacting them at 877-395-7233.

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Since 1953, SAFE® Collecting Supplies has been the leading manufacturer of high-quality collecting supplies around the world. The company is dedicated to helping collectors find the appropriate collecting and storage system for coins, paper money, stamps, pins, postcards, rocks, minerals and more.