Michel USA Specialized

894 Pages through 2014

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Michel USA Specialized Catalog in German

This soft cover edition covers and contains the:

United States of America, Guam, Hawaii, Confederate States of America, Cuba (1898-1902), Panamakanalzone, Philippines (1898-1946) and Puerto Rico (from 1898-1900) and United Nations (New York).


  • Over 6100 illustrations and more than 70,000 price quotes in 894 pages
  • Expansion of the ABC list to quickly find the more than 5000 brands
  • New addition of more than 600 main numbers as well as 35 slides and booklets
  • NEW: First time with colored pictures!
  • Including “Schatzkästchen” with international auction results
  • Rising prices especially in the field of classical issues in postfrischer condition as well as with modern Unterarten of Freimarken

Release Date:  March 6, 2014

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