Michel Saar Specialized 2017/2018

Hardback Edition with 166 pages

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Michel Saar Specialized Stamp Catalog

This edition is 166 pages and covers the following areas:

Special information on German postage stamps from the Saar area from 1920 to July 5, 1959, ie. the collective areas of German reconciliation areas (Saarland), Saarland and Saarland as a federal state of the FRG.

  • First reworked edition for over 15 years
  • The MICHEL Saar-Spezial contains extracts from the MICHEL reference works Germany-Spezial, Briefe-Deutschland and Ganzsachen-Deutschland combined with current research results of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Saar
  • Comprehensive letter and postal stationary (Ganzsachen) section
  • With fee overview for the Saarland after World War II
  • Detailed description and detailed illustrations of the various printing errors on MiNr. 1-16 (Saargebiets imprints)
  • Tables for print data, printers and machine marks

Release Date:  11 May 2017

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