Michel China 2017/2018

832 beautifully illustrated pages

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Michel China 2017/2018

China (Empire and Republic until 1949, Taiwan, People’s Republic with FDC ratings, Foreign National Post Offices in China, Kiautschou), Hong Kong, Macau, Manchukuo, Tibet and Japanese occupation of China.

  • Hardcover with ribbon
  • One of the most popular collection areas of recent times
  • Text changes and new admissions v.a. in the Republic of China, the Foreign Post Offices and the Japanese occupation
  • Price adjustments can be found throughout the reference book, especially in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and newer Macau brands.
  • New brands from the People’s Republic of China have often risen in price
  • Many circulation numbers at Macau and new perforations at the People’s Republic supplemented
  • Around 8500 pictures and about 52 000 price quotations

832 Color Pages
Release Date: November 10, 2017

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